1. Why two completely separate sessions on Saturday?

Happily, demand has outstripped supply and, for the time being, this is the best way to provide access and an all-around better experience (shorter lines, more seating, etc.). So, we'll clear the building at 5pm and start over at 6pm with a whole new group of festival goers. Pick the session that works best for you! We anticipate selling out both Saturday sessions.


2. What do I do if tickets are sold out?

Regrettably, tickets will not be available at the door once online tickets are sold out. If tickets are available online, they will also be available at the door


3. What do you get for admission?

The cost of admission includes entry and entertainment. The admission price is used to cover the cost of event production.


4. Are dogs allowed?

No. Pier 48 will not allow dogs.


5. Come early and buy your tickets online to avoid lines.


6. We have plenty of metered parking but encourage public transportation.


7. Can Tokens be sold back.



8. Get in the spirit of Oktoberfest. Wear Trachten!

Trachten is traditional Bavarian clothing.


9. What do things cost inside?

Food/Dessert varies $3- $12 from pretzels to dinner plates.  Beer/Wine $6.


10. Can I have my Birthday / Anniversary / Engagement party at the Fest?

Absolutely! Give us a call and we can put something together.


11. When should I get there to see the big band/dancers?

The bands switch off and the dancers are on every couple of hours. If you can stay for three or four hours you’ll be in good shape.


12. Are there in/out privileges?



14. Do we take credit cards?

No. ATMs are available onsite.


15. Are backpacks allowed?



16. Can I bring my kids?

We encourage bringing children on Sunday. Children are not allowed on Friday and Saturday nights. Children 12 and under are free and 13-18 are $5.


Oktoberfest By The Bay is produced by American Showplace Productions in association with the United German-American Societies of San Francisco and Vicinity.

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